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Don't do iPhone specific web development!

Every now and again I bump into scenarios where iPhone specific web development is asked. Every time, I say we've been here before and tell people development for specific devices and platforms isn't the way to go.

User experience is the most important, don't develop for specific devices and platforms.We've just recently fought the web standards war, where we've strived towards the goal to develop one time and make sure what we develop can be consumed everywhere. It surprises me that very few have argued against the case regarding iPhone specific websites.

We must focus at giving users the best experience regardless of what device is used.

We can't focus at only one platform, even though the platform is popular. A couple of years ago, there was a different case - iPhone was in a world of its own. But this is not the case any more - today, we've got a number of handheld devices available on the market and some of these devices are perfectly capable of competing with iPhone.

It has today become more important than ever to make sure websites can be viewed on several different devices, and this won't change - the mobile web is for sure here to stay. The accessibility question is of highest importance - we must make sure the largest number of crowd is able to convey information, no matter what.

What we can't do is the mistake we did not so long ago - develop websites that works only in one browser - or one platform.

By developing websites that works everywhere, we'll be able to reach out to a severe number of users instead of the the few that uses iPhone - because when we look at it, the iPhone users are still few compared to the mass who can and will use mobile devices to use the Internet.

To sum this up:

Develop to give all users the possibility to find and read information regardless of devices and platform.

Don't do iPhone specific web development.

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