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5 simple steps to increase your productivity

To be able to focus on what matters the most to you, you can follow a couple of steps that will help you savw time you can spend on what you think is important. Here are five simple steps that will increase your overall productivity.

  1. Use a bike

    A bike will save you time. Cycling helps you stay fit and healthy. Plus it's environment friendly. A decent bike may not cost more than tickets worthy of 2-3 months of commuting. Saving 20 minutes a day by cycling instead of walking will mean you save 8 hours per month if you use your bike 6 days per week. Don't forget to wear a helmet!
  2. Always put your gear at the same place

    By always putting your gear at the same place, you won't spend time looking for the gear. You'll instantly know where your gear is and how to get it. Plan where you put accessories like cell phone and wallet. What pocket in your bag? A drawer at work? Know your gear and save time!
  3. Remove unnecessary stuff in your home

    The more stuff you have at home, the more time you'll have to spend on cleaning and managing all your stuff. This includes furniture, pillows, carpets and similar. By removing the stuff you actually don't need, you will lessen your burden. If you have too much stuff to handle, sell it or give it to charity.
  4. Buy quality over quantity

    Buying quality probably means more planning and saving money beforehand, but when you've decided for a particular thing to buy, you will certainly not be disappointed. A quality product does its job, works in a way you expect it to work and just fits in. If you buy quantity you'll have to buy more often and you'll have to take care of the stuff you buy. Where should you put all your stuff? What should you do with the old stuff?
    Quality products last longer, helping you to focus on what's more important for you.
  5. Hire professionals to do it for you

    Instead of doing it yourself, you should hire professionals to do craftsmen's work for you. Craftsmen's work might be painting your house, fix your bike, clean your windows and so on. They will do it better and faster than you.
    Hiring professionals requires money though. If you don't want to spend all your money on professionals, maybe you know a friend who's a professional and might be able to help you? Maybe you're good at something and can exchange services with your friend? This way, you can build a relationship that will have a positive impact on your productivity and life.
    Remember though, it might be better to invest in a professional who's not your friend, than loosing a friend over some lousy conflict.

By following these steps, I promise you'll have more time to do what you think is more important to you. You'll be able to focus on what really matters to you.

Maybe you also have a tip to share for increasing overall productivity?

Thanks to Productivity501 and Unclutterer for inspiring this blog post. You truly rock!

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