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Improve performance by using explicit cast instead of DataBinder.Eval

The DataBinder.Eval method is often used when you want to bind data to a control's template. What DataBinder.Eval really does is to cast Container.DataItem to its specific type, like this:

<%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "Heading") %>

DataBinder.Eval uses .NET reflection in order to cast Container.DataItem to its specific type. The use of reflection in this method will give you a performance loss.

If performance is of importance in your application or if you know what type Container.DataItem is, it's better to use an explicit cast instead:

<%# ((DbDataRecord)Container.DataItem)["Heading"] %>


After a discussion at work today, and subsequent research, I can add that if you want to get optimal performance one should actually do <%# (Container.DataItem as DbDataRecord)["Heading"] %>.
The difference is pretty damn small though, and a cast would give better error messages, so one would really have to crave performance to use that :)

Good tip, Joel! Definitely one to know for the future.

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