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Great blogs for web people

I run into a lot of great blogs and I thought I'd share some of them with you. Here's my pick of the bunch, blogs related to web design, web development, programming and social media.

Web design and inspiration

Web design

  • Smashing Magazine
    - Because Smashing is a great source for all things web design and inspiration.
  • Think Vitamin
    - Great web stuff from the Carsonified team.
  • Inspect Element
    - Because Tom Kenny is awesome at what he does and shares great things.
  • Veerle's blog
    - Veerle Pieters is certainly one of the greatest female web designers. A must read.

Web development

Web development

  • 456 Berea Street
    - Because Roger Johansson is one of the pioneers of web accessibility in modern time.
  • Robert's talk
    - Because Robert Nyman continues to engage, inspire and create what web developers want.
    - Great links for light reading from the Sydney based web design bureau Max Design.
  • CSS tricks
    - Awesome CSS resource.
  • W3Avenue
    - Because here you'll find a helpful set of stuff that matters to all modern web developers.
  • net tuts+
    - Great tutorials on all things web development.
  • A List Apart
    - Because this is for people who make websites. A List Apart's been around forever and continues to break barriers.

Programming and technology


  • Scott Guthrie
    - Because Scott Gu is the Microsoft guy who gives .NET developers all they want.
  • Scott Hanselman
    - Every aspect of Hanselman's blog is of interest to programmers and tech people. Don't miss Hanselminutes, the podcast!
  • Joel on software
    - Because Joel's got a unique talent for programming and business, and the ability to share his thoughts. An absolute must.
  • Coding Horror
    - Because Jeff Atwood is from another planet. He continues to inspire and give you really interesting thoughts on programming.

Social media & marketing

Social media

  • Mashable
    - Mashable's the portal to all social media news worth reading. Pete Cashmore at his finest.
  • Seth Godin
    - Great thoughts on marketing and business from the oracle Seth Godin. Don't miss this.
  • Jesper Åström
    - Brilliant posts on social media and SEO - you'll want to read Jesper's blog.


Thank you Martin!

Warms my heart and soul to see you write such a thing about my blog :)


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