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How to get SQL Server 2008 running

If you get the login failed error message for your SQL Server database, then it's a good idea to make sure that everything runs as it should. Here's a post on how you get SQL Server 2008 up and running.

Make sure:

  1. The SQL Server Browser service is running.
    You can find it under Services (Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services)
  2. TCP/IP is activated.
    You can activate TCP/IP through SQL Server Configuration Manager, under SQL Server Network Configuration->Protocols for (SQLEXPRESS). Right click TCP/IP in the list to activate.
  3. SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode is activated.
    In SQL Server Management Studio, right click your instance->Properties->Security and tick SQL Server and Windows authentication mode.
  4. Remote Connections are allowed for your SQL Server instance.
    In SQL Server Management Studio, right click your instance->Properties->Connections and tick Allow remote connections to this server.

Last, but not least - make sure your SQL Server database credentials are correct! Mind the server, database name, user and password.

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