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Turn off HTML and CSS validation in Visual Studio

Visual Studio sometimes points out that HTML and CSS in a project doesn't validate, showing the dreaded Error list with errors and warnings.

This is one of the most annoying things about Visual Studio, since it becomes harder to find real compilation errors in the error list. Plus, it's better to use the web browser and add-ons (e.g. Firefox with the HTML Validator add-on) to find validation errors.

This is how the error list might look in Visual Studio, pointing out validation errors:

Validation errors in Visual Studio

How to turn off validation errors in Visual Studio

  1. In Visual Studio, go to Tools->Options and expand the node Text Editor.
  2. To turn off HTML validation, expand the node HTML, choose Validation and untick Show errors under Options. Press Ok.
  3. To turn off CSS validation, expand the node CSS, choose CSS Specific and untick Detect errors under Errors. Press Ok.
  4. Done!

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