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24 hour business camp - an event for Swedish entrepreneurs

24 hour business camp logoI recently attended Swedish entrepreneur event 24 hour business camp, and it was great.

The goal with 24 hour business camp is to gather a number of entrepreneurs who should build web services (or mobile applications) in 24 hours. The goal is to get these web services to survive after the event, too.

This time we were 120 hard-working entrepreneurs in yakutas (Japanese wardrobes), armed with laptops and a high-flying spirit - all set to build their own, unique service.

We also were accompanied by sponsors Microsoft, Swedish media company Bonnier, Swedish buy and sell website Blocket, amongst others.

My team built an iPhone web app used for environment and media coverage. We even made it to Sweden's largest IT website IDG's first page.

I have to say this event all in all was a perfect example on what one can accomplish in 24 hours. I already look forward to the next event.

I hope other events like this will popup not only in Scandinavia, but also across the world - this is truly a great way to inspire and show what one can achieve in practically no time.

Thanks Yasuragi Hasseludden and Ted Valentin, who together with all participants made 24 hour business camp fun and memorable!

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