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How to Keep Visual Studio Debugging Alive

If you, like me, like to take a deep plunge into Visual Studio debugging, you might've encountered the dreaded Web server process termination error, "The web server process that was being debugged has been terminated by Internet Information Services":

Visual Studio web server process termination during debugging

It's very irritating when you're in the middle of a debugging session and it's stopped by the error message above. But - there's a solution! As the error message tells us, you can configure application pool settings in IIS.

This is how to do make sure you'll be able to debug forever:

  1. Pop up your IIS and find the correct Application Pool
  2. Right click and choose Advanced Settings
  3. Below Process Model, find Ping Enabled and make sure it says False:
    Disable ping for application pool in IIS 7
  4. Done!
If you have trouble finding the correct application pool, have a look at resolving w3wp processes by Daniel Berg. It'll help!


Thanks for the good tip Martin! Was looking for this setting a while ago and found another solution.

That was actually to keep it set to True, but increase the "Ping Maximum Response Time". All though not sure about pros and cons but I guess if you don't really need Ping then this is definately the best way. If you want to limit the timeframe of a debugging scenario the other could be better I guess. With the other I mean increasing the max time instead of turning it off.

Gustaf, thanks for sharing!

A good tip is to setup your development environment so that it's similar to the setup on the live web server.

I found a good stackoverflow topic on this matter:

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