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My favourite Windows tools

I recently bought myself a brand new Solid State Drive and re-installed Windows 7 plus all necessary programs. Here's my compiled list of the tools I can't live without.

Developer tools first

After a clean Windows 7 installation, I download Microsoft's Web Platform Installer, which is really useful for developers. It'll install all the tools necessary for .NET web developmentweb server as well as the latest .NET framework, SQL Server, plus much more if you want it to. Try it out, it'll save you a whole lot of time! Here's a blog post on how to install the .NET development tools you need.

No .NET environment is complete without Visual Studio though. I'm of course sticking with Visual Studio 2010.

Tools that improve my everyday computer usage

For file archives.
Great file explorer with dual panes. My explorer of choice since 2007 something.
Foxit Reader
Fastest pdf reader ever.
Copy files faster. Improves speed a lot.
J.River Media Center
Music player totally worth the minor cost. Best ever.
Free and fast Photoshop alternative.
Watching photo albums.
For window and multi screen management. I use it solely for the shortcut commands.
Daemon Tools Lite
File mounting.
Ftp client.
Damn NFO Viewer
View NFO files.
Smooth text editor.
Download torrents.
VLC Media Player
Media player of choice.

Tools for collaboration

Great client for obvious reasons. Calls made simple.
Windows Live Messenger
The IM client.
Google Talk
Keep track of your mail and Gmail contacts.
Twitter desktop style.

The browsers

Google Chrome
The one and only. Fast and reliable.
The best browser for web developers.

Tools from the largest of them all

No comments needed.

Do you have any favourite Windows tools?


My friend Carl highlighted Virtual CloneDrive for file mounting instead of Daemon Tools Lite. Here's a link:

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