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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Commuting and Keep Productivity Level High

Commuting is often a nail in the coffin for a lot of people. It doesn't have to be. Here's a number of suggestions how you can make the most of your commuting and improve productivity.

Read books

Reading is good. If you read during commuting, you might find the commuting nicer. You will get more time to spend at other activities than reading, when you're not commuting.

If you don't want to read, maybe you can listen to an e-book using your mp3 player. 

Important: make sure your book is in pocket form. Also, if you're reading, it might be a good idea listening to music at the same time, to filter out a lot of the noise that comes from trains, buses, other passengers et al.

Listen to podcasts

The Internet is full of great podcasts on all kind of subjects. Why not spend some time listening to your favourite podcast (radio) show?

Here's a list of great podcasts for web developers: Top 15 Podcasts All Web Developers Should Follow

Get in touch

How often do you get in touch with friends and family? During commuting, particularly when going home, it's the perfect time to get in touch. Just make a phone call or send some texts, it's really easy and the person on the other side might enjoy it more than you think!

Also, there's the possibility to get up to speed on what's happening in your Facebook feed or Twitter feed. Just use you smart phone or browse to /


Prepare a blog post or organize your photos. This, of course, requires a laptop. But then again, many people do have a laptop these days. A laptop can certainly be seen as an investment if you don't have one yet!

It's also a good idea to invest in a mobile Internet device.


If it's possible without you missing to get off at your station, sleep. This way you'll probably have a higher level of energy during the day. If you're able to sleep during commuting and stay up later at night when at home, you can save some time here.

Don't forget the ear-plugs or the mp3 player though!


Buy an Ipad and play Angry Birds!!!

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