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Øredev - First Day

The Øredev 2010 conference is at full speed with great, great stuff going on. Me and my Nansen mates arrived at Wednesday lunchtime and were fortunate enough to have a couple of blasts attending a number of presentations the rest of the day. Here's a brief summary of the first day at Øredev.

Patterns for Building Internal DSL's in C# 3.0 (Jeremy D. Miller)

First out during my stay at Øredev! Here, Jeremy D. Miller spoke about fluent interfaces and showed how to come up with more telling code. Sweet start, although a bit too advanced for me.

Better Practices for Building Fast Web Apps (Giorgio Sardo)

I've attended an IE 9 presentation by Giorgio before at Geek Meet, and knew this guy was good.

During this presentation, Giorgio highlighted the importance of minifying CSS+js, lowering the number of HTTP requests, lazy JavaScript loading with Doloto, plus more. Overall a very good presentation when you need to get started building faster websites.

Agile Release Planning (James Shore)

James Shore is the author of The art of Agile Development (next book to read for me) and this presentation was great.

James spoke about the importance of having the ability to adjust to the situation and surroundings, use of incremental design to improve results and to design for one feature at a time.

I enjoyed this presentation very much and really recommend you to check out James' website and if you have the chance to watch him live - you won't be disappointed. 

CSS3 (Jonathan Snook)

Jonathan is the CSS guru and this was the first time I had the chance to listen to him live. It was interesting! Jonathan showed a lot of the new stuff in CSS3 and also recommended us to use Modernizr in our CSS development.

More thoughts

Following the #Øredev Twitter search is great, there's a lot of activity and you get to know what speakers are extraordinary. This day, I learned about Aslam Khan, whoose presentation was stunning and touching. Need I say I made sure to watch him later on?

Other than that, it's always great meeting great people. You all know who you are!

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