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Øredev 2010 - Last Day

The last day of Øredev 2010 and the last adventures of Nansen in southern Sweden are now completed. Quality through and through - that was what this conference was all about - the Friday included. Here's a brief review of the last events at Øredev 2010.

The ten mega software projects for the next 20 years (Nolan Brushnell)

Nolan is the founder of Atari and here he held a talk about what would be the largest things coming up for the next 20 years. The main thing that stood out: auto-cars. Nolan highlighted that the Google car was cost-effective and stated energy costs would go down and a 30x highway traffic increase was possible. Read more about Nolan's view on the future of software.

My Last 30 Failures (Ted Valentin)

Ted Valentin is a super entrepreneur from Sweden and a highly successful one. The main points from this talk was:

  • A website should be easy to build, easy to maintain, and it should be easy to make money from it.
  • You should fill a need.
  • If you fail, fail fast and cheap.

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (Kevlin Henney)

Kevlin Henney is the author of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (book) and here Kevlin covered some of the book's topics. Kevlin's a great speaker and the crowd was surely entertained. You can read the 97 contributions online.

19 1/2 Things to Make You a Better Object Oriented Programmer (Greg Young)

I was amazed by Greg Young's straight forward presentation technique. Greg shared a number of things that would make you a better programmer, among them learning the .NET contract library and behavioural testing. Also, the DRY principle was mentioned. Don't. Repeat. Yourself. Greg stressed the importance of using a code duplication tool too.

Top 20 Tools and Tips That Make Me a Better Developer (Roy Osherove)

This one is worth a blog post of its own, but I'll try to make a brief summary. Roy shared a number of tools that would help us become better developers. Here are some of the most useful:

Roy topped it off with a hilarious guitar performance. If you get the chance to attend any of Roy's presentations, make sure you do so! You won't be disappointed.


Øredev 2011 was indeed a blast and I'm happy I was able to attend a number of great presentations, meet a lot of good people and generally have a really good time in Malmö. If Øredev continues like this, a larger venue surely will be needed. I left with great joy and now I feel a bit of emptiness.

I most definitely will make sure to be there next year again - and I hope you do too - because Øredev is a blast!


Nice post!

Feels like "97 Things Every Programmer Should Know" was a good talk. I started reading the online version and there are some really good stuff in it.

Do you know if anyone have the complete list of things Roy Osherove mention?

I haven't heard of anyone who's got the complete list from Osherove's talk. I've got it almost nailed down in my notes tho.

And oh, don't miss this link everyone, videos from the conference!

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