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Øredev 2010 Continued - Second Day

The second day at Øredev was a blast too. A lot of agile! This is serious business. Here's some of the Nansen adventures during the Thursday.

Re-thinking IT (John Seddon)

John Seddon is a management guru specialising in optimizing the service industry. John spoke to us on how we could be much more efficient at a lower cost. Great quote from this keynote:

If you manage costs, costs go up. If you manage value, costs go down.

Delivering What's Right (Cory Foy)

Next up was Cory Foy in the Agile room. Cory showed how you can use a story board to make more accurate time estimations and also recommended reading Agile Retrospectives to go a bit deeper.

Cory's great at involving the listener due to his high energy level and information filled presentations. Great session!


The runnersI'm kind of serious when it comes to excercizing and when I saw a run session was available, I immediately signed up. We went on a run from the Øredev venue to Kallbadhuset in Malmö, close to the ocean. It was sunny, windy and really beautiful. At Kallbadhuset we had a sauna session and took a dip in the 7 degrees cold ocean, before getting back to the venue. It was great meeting the other runners, talking about cycling, the future of cell phones and everything in between.

This was really refreshing and I had a lot more energy during the rest of the day than the previous day.

Personal Kanban - Optimizing the Individual Coder (Jim Benson)

I was a bit late to this session but still managed to get a few things from this one. Kanban seems to have a momentum and this room was totally full. No wonder why, Jim Benson held a great presentation. Jim also said: Kanban is easy to learn, hard to master. Better get started..!

Architecture in an Agile World (Aslam Khan)

I waited almost 24 hour to hear Aslam Khan and was super excited about this. Before and after the session, I was fortunate to speak some to this really humble man. If you have the chance, make sure to attend a presentation by Aslam!

Aslam spoke about the importance of having the knowledge of the problem and being able to build an architectural solution that matched this problem knowledge. He also spoke about how not to loose momentum and said sometimes you have to leave the path a bit, it's not a bad thing.

Aslam was great and I hope to hear more from him soon.

Abusing C# (Jon Skeet)

Jon Skeet is many developers favourite Stack Overflow C# guru, and here he showed us a couple of cool C# examples. More fun rather than anything else, but still. This guy has an amazing knowledge and it's impressive how easy he rolls around with everything in C#.

Kanban and Scrum - Making the Most of Both (Henrik Kniberg)

Henrik Kniberg is awesome. He gets the listeners literally involved with great real world examples. Some take away points from his presentation:

  • Know your goals
  • Never blame the tools
  • Don't limit yourself to one tool
  • Experiment and enjoy the ride

Here's the slides from his Kanban and Scrum presentation.

The rest of the day

One of the main things for me is getting to know a lot of the people here. After the last session we all mingled, had dinner and talked about the sessions we attended. And oh, Kinect is awesome ;-)

While Cecilia + friends rounded off the evening with some .NET competition coding, we went playing some Pool, before heading back to the hotel. Another great day at Øredev completed!

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