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Guest Blogging at Sara Öhman's Crib

Who's awesome?

I was invited by Sara Öhman's to write a guest blog post in her Advent blogging series, and today you can see the result. Basically it's me going on with entrepreneurship, believing in what you do and having fun while you're at it.

The blog post is in Swedish though. Here's a Google Translate link:

Martin Söderlund Advent blogging

Here's the original

I'd like to thank Sara for the opportunity and while I'm at it - she's destined for great things.


Thank you Martin for wanting to be a part of my Advent blogging series. You're awsome!

AWESOME ofcourse ;) (Never learn)

Utrolig kult! Grattis :) Artig å se deg bli intervjuet når du selv intervjuer så mange andre!

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