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Rules of Programming: Be Consistent

It's difficult for a group of developers to agree on a specific coding style. We can only point in this or that direction and say follow the coding standard.

What is most important though, is that no matter what coding style you agree upon, each developer has to be consistent. Pick a coding style and stick to it. This way it'll be easier to read your code and understand the flow in your application.

Rule #9 of programming:

Be consistent.


A suggestion here is to be consistent to your framework most of all.

As an EPiServer developer, alot of classes, web controls etc. use "PageLink" as name when refering to a datasource of PageReference. Therefore you should use the same names when you build your own classes and user controls.

@Alf: Amen to that!

There are times though, when you're using a framework and you don't agree with the consistency of the framework. Then, I think, it's totally OK extending the framework and being consistent with your stuff.

Most of the times, the framework is at worst good and at best excellent, so you don't have to come up with your own consistency.

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