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Rules of Programming: Use a Real Bug Tracking System

Where there's code, there will always be bugs. Use a real bug tracking system to keep track of the bugs and their state.

A basic bug tracking system should have these features:

  • Submit and close ticket
  • Track ticket status
  • Accessible (web interface)
  • Notifications via e-mail
  • Multi user support
  • Easy to use

An Excel spreadsheet on your intranet won't cut it. In that case, a Google Docs spreadsheet is better. Even better is using a system like FogBugz, which integrates easily with a number of other systems.

Rule #12 of programming:

Use a real bug tracking system


I agree with you, using a real bug tracking system is key to creating quality software faster. Have you ever taken a look at OnTime? I would like to hear what you think of it after you have given it a test run.



I think you have made a clear summary of what you need in a basic bug tracking software. Do you gemini ? It is another bug tracking software which has these functionalities plus you also have a project management part in the software. Please let me know what you think about it.



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