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Rules of Programming: Use the Best Tools Available

You should use the best tools available to accomplish your tasks. Really.

This means you should have the latest up to date version of your favourite IDE when programming, this means you should use productivity tools such as ReSharper and CodeRush if you want to, this means you should have (almost) anything you ask for that improves your programming.

If you don't work with the tools you love because of any company policy restricting purchase of necessary tools - make sure the responsible ones get to know what you can do for the company using those tools (probably increased productivity and a happier employee).

When it comes to the tools you use, they're probably worth way more than what you have to pay for them.

Rule #11 of programming:

Use the best tools available.


There's a new excellent code-editor extension called Flow.

Really improves productivity by automating the process of browsing through Q&A sites (like StackOverflow) and reading exhausting online documentation (compatible with any programming language)

More info & download:

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