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Delete Documents From Solr Index By Query

If you simply want to delete documents from your Solr index by using the web interface, here's a code snippet that lets you do so:


This lets you delete documents where the id field matches 298253.

If you want to delete items that matches more than one field, just add another query:


If you want to delete all items in the index, just use this query:



Exactly what I was looking for :) Thank you!!

After re-indexing my Solr index and running cron, I queried Solr directly to ensure the locative data was added to the documents. Solr Query Coordinates. I then used the new spatial query syntax.

Saved lot of time .Thanks


How can I delete all those documents which don't contain a particular field?



this is used for <a href=''>Solr Search</a>

Thanks , It worked well

can u pls tell me for update the id from 1 to 2

In my test the url

Deleted all of BlogEntry docs!

The url below works for me.


Yeah Edinho - I got misled too and lost a lot of items! This article should be edited to include the AND!

Good info though. helped a lot.

I am trying to delete document from solr using multiple attributes but not Id.
My query is this :$name%20AND%20version:1.2%3C/query%3E%3C/delete%3E&commit=true

But when I execute this query, it doesnt delete the document from Solr but returns response.

Can you please tell me where I am wrong ?

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