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EPiServer XForms Implementation - Some Pointers

EPiServer XForms is a pretty sweet alternative when it's up and running. However, implementing XForms is not always the simplest thing. Here are some reminders and pointers to get your XForms ready faster:

First of all, take a look at the Public Templates implementation of XForms. Then:

  1. Copy XForms.ascx + cs files to your project.
  2. Copy the XForms specific events from global.asax.cs to your project's global.asax.cs.
  3. Make sure your SMTP settings are correct. If they aren't, there will be no redirect after the XForm is posted, and therefore no thank you message will be displayed.

Particularly the XFormAfterSubmitPostedData event (global.asax.cs) is interesting. Obviously it decides what happens after a form is posted.

Here is a helpful post on XFormAfterSubmitPostedData and SMTP settings.


I wish you had linked the location of the "Public Templates implementation of XForms", or described where to find this... because I have no idea where to find them which basically makes the rest of your post completely useless.



The public templates are a part of every EPiServer installation from scratch. If you have EPiServer Deployment Center, use it to install a new EPiServer website with all templates.


Thanks for the reply.

What version of EPiServer are you using?

I'm using CMS6 and I don't see an option for installing a site with templates in the deployment center.

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