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Why Blogger Is A Sensationally Bad Blogging Platform

Google's Blogger platform hosts a whole number of blogs all over the world. In fact, it must be one of the absolutely most popular blogging services available, probably only bettered in numbers by blogs. However, that's the only good thing about Blogger, as far as I'm concerned.

Me, amongst other Blogger users, repeatedly swear about the incredibly bad user interface. But Google changed that recently! However, even though Blogger has become more editor friendly and the editor interface much more appealing, what's behind the surface is a mess.

I'm a huge fan of semantic and beautiful HTML and Blogger does nothing like that. New sentences, bold text sections and much more means absolutely awful conversion to a HTML resembling something like what HTML code looked like in the 90's. And this is bad. Really bad. First of all, search engine robots (even the Google robot) won't completely understand the structure of the blog posts, in the long run meaning worse ranking in search engines. Not good.

Also, editing a Blogger post is an absolute mess. How hard can it be? Google - just look at your closest "competitor" - Wordpress - which is a perfect example of how easy it should be to write and format a blog post. When I write a blog post in Blogger today, I need to actually code HTML to format stuff the way I want. Not very user friendly.

So, please Google - stop whatever you're doing with Blogger and start helping your Blogger users. Please!

Note: a more exact blog post on why Blogger is an awful platform: 12 things wrong about Blogger


Have you tried Orchard? Closer and better if/when you are using windows etc.

And its also easy enough for editors.

And almost 2 years later, Blogger is still incredibly shitty with no end in sight. Even the most basic proper HTML like using 'STRONG' instead of 'B', it can't get right. And not using 'P' at all. WTF?!

So why do I use it? If I choose to show ads, I get a fraction of the ad revenue. No one else does that. So I guess I have this delusion that these coins I find under the virtual couch are somehow worth the cost of complete lack of elegance and taste. May the gawds have mercy on me.

FYI: this page is my top google hit for the search: is blogger a terrible platform?

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