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iOS vs Android - 1st Day Battle

iOS 5Since I'm a pretty avid Android user, and barely have touched Apple devices at all, I somehow felt enthustiastic when I got the chance to try out an iPhone 3GS with iOS 5 for a couple of weeks.

This is my second day using an iPhone, ever, and here are my thoughts on the smartphone and its latest OS so far:


  • Very slick UI, iPhone might actually be the easiest phone ever to get started with.
  • The keyboard just works and is very accurate more often than not. Normally, I'm having a torrid time using the keyboard on new smartphones, but this keyboard is nothing like it. And this is the standard iOS keyboard..
  • Of course, the number of apps in The App Store. It's filled with goodies and there's plenty to choose from.
  • Once you get used to it, Notification Center is great for a productivity guy like me.


  • I have to fill in my Apple Id password every time I download something from The App Store. Not OK.
  • I miss some Android apps, like my keyboard SwiftKey X, the best Facebook app FriendCaster and remote app Unified Remote. Even after some research, I've not found anything similar that is as good as these apps.
  • I'd like The App Store to have a filter for games vs just apps. I'm not interested in games at all, which means browsing The App Store for the most popular apps would be so much better if I could filter out the games. As a new iOS user, I'd like the most used apps presented for me in an instant.
  • To set up complete Gmail syncronization, with e-mail, calendar and contacts, you have to setup an Exchange account. The Gmail account alternative won't syncronize your contacts. I haven't tried iCloud, even though I can imagine it's a life saver for many?

I'll be posting more stuff on my experiences with iOS. Feel free to join the discussion!

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