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A Month With iPhone: A Month With Pain

In November I wrote about iOS vs Android and what I felt were the immediate drawbacks and positives with iOS after one week's use.

After my stint with iPhone 3GS and iOS 5 was over, I felt a bit.. empty. Was this it? Had I missed something?

Now don't get me wrong. I still think the UI is slick, that iOS 5 seems quite a thorough OS. However, I can't understand the hype. Ok, Apple were the first ones to give a great and smooth smart phone to the masses, and they still deliver. The competition has however come leaps and bounds and I didn't feel Apple improved my life with their latest OS on one of their best selling cell phones ever, 3GS.

Also, three things bothered me:

  1. Many apps didn't save the state, meaning I would fire up an app, do something, then fire up another app, do something, go back to the former app just to see what I did now was gone. Dislike.
  2. In general, you had to pay for good apps. Since I'm an Android user, I'm not really used to paying for good apps. I pay for great apps that improve my life.
  3. You had to use iTunes to even change the ring signal. No way I would bloat my laptop with that crap.
For me, Android with its Market is a clear winner, although there of course are drawbacks there too. For now though, I won't even consider being an iPhone user, if I'm not forced to.


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