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Add-ins Doesn't Show Up In Visual Studio 2010

Make Add-ins show up in Visual Studio 2010.

Have you installed Visual Studio Add-ins recently but they don't show up anywhere? Well, there's a solution!

I recently ran into this problem where the add-in Git Extensions was installed and did work for earlier Visual Studio versions - but Git didn't show up in the toolbar in Visual Studio 2010.

Some Googling and there still wasn't an answer. Until now. It turns out the Visual Studio Add-Ins (Git Extensions in this case) weren't allowed to load.

Here's how to fix it:

  1. Go to Tools->Options->Environment and choose Add-in/Macros Security
  2. Make sure Allow Add-in components to load is ticked and press Ok
  3. Restart Visual Studio and Git should now be visible in the toolbar!

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