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Don't Forget to Specify maxVersions for Your EPiServer VPP's

This is just a friendly reminder - when using EPiServer VPP, don't forget to specify maxVersions for each virtual path in episerver.config. By default, maxVersions is set to 5 for Documents, but nothing else.

One often forgotten feature of EPiServer VPP's is the actual versioning of files. It might be handy at times, but it's also handy remembering its drawbacks.

There might be a scenario where you have a scheduled job creating a large page structure and saving a lot of files for every page. Now imagine this job runs a couple of times every day - after a while you'll eventually run out of disk space.
(Of course you can probably write a file comparer to make sure the same file isn't uploaded multiple times.)

Make sure to specify maxVersions for Global Files, Documents and Page Files to be in complete control. More often than not, 2-3 versions are enough, rather than an infinite amount of versions ;-)

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