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Øredev 2010 - Last Day

The last day of Øredev 2010 and the last adventures of Nansen in southern Sweden are now completed. Quality through and through - that was what this conference was all about - the Friday included. Here's a brief review of the last events at Øredev 2010.

The ten mega software projects for the next 20 years (Nolan Brushnell)

Nolan is the founder of Atari and here he held a talk about what would be the largest things coming up for the next 20 years. The main thing that stood out: auto-cars. Nolan highlighted that the Google car was cost-effective and stated energy costs would go down and a 30x highway traffic increase was possible. Read more about Nolan's view on the future of software.

My Last 30 Failures (Ted Valentin)

Ted Valentin is a super entrepreneur from Sweden and a highly successful one. The main points from this talk was:

  • A website should be easy to build, easy to maintain, and it should be easy to make money from it.
  • You should fill a need.
  • If you fail, fail fast and cheap.

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (Kevlin Henney)

Kevlin Henney is the author of 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (book) and here Kevlin covered some of the book's topics. Kevlin's a great speaker and the crowd was surely entertained. You can read the 97 contributions online.

19 1/2 Things to Make You a Better Object Oriented Programmer (Greg Young)

I was amazed by Greg Young's straight forward presentation technique. Greg shared a number of things that would make you a better programmer, among them learning the .NET contract library and behavioural testing. Also, the DRY principle was mentioned. Don't. Repeat. Yourself. Greg stressed the importance of using a code duplication tool too.

Top 20 Tools and Tips That Make Me a Better Developer (Roy Osherove)

This one is worth a blog post of its own, but I'll try to make a brief summary. Roy shared a number of tools that would help us become better developers. Here are some of the most useful:

Roy topped it off with a hilarious guitar performance. If you get the chance to attend any of Roy's presentations, make sure you do so! You won't be disappointed.


Øredev 2011 was indeed a blast and I'm happy I was able to attend a number of great presentations, meet a lot of good people and generally have a really good time in Malmö. If Øredev continues like this, a larger venue surely will be needed. I left with great joy and now I feel a bit of emptiness.

I most definitely will make sure to be there next year again - and I hope you do too - because Øredev is a blast!

Øredev 2010 Continued - Second Day

The second day at Øredev was a blast too. A lot of agile! This is serious business. Here's some of the Nansen adventures during the Thursday.

Re-thinking IT (John Seddon)

John Seddon is a management guru specialising in optimizing the service industry. John spoke to us on how we could be much more efficient at a lower cost. Great quote from this keynote:

If you manage costs, costs go up. If you manage value, costs go down.

Delivering What's Right (Cory Foy)

Next up was Cory Foy in the Agile room. Cory showed how you can use a story board to make more accurate time estimations and also recommended reading Agile Retrospectives to go a bit deeper.

Cory's great at involving the listener due to his high energy level and information filled presentations. Great session!


The runnersI'm kind of serious when it comes to excercizing and when I saw a run session was available, I immediately signed up. We went on a run from the Øredev venue to Kallbadhuset in Malmö, close to the ocean. It was sunny, windy and really beautiful. At Kallbadhuset we had a sauna session and took a dip in the 7 degrees cold ocean, before getting back to the venue. It was great meeting the other runners, talking about cycling, the future of cell phones and everything in between.

This was really refreshing and I had a lot more energy during the rest of the day than the previous day.

Personal Kanban - Optimizing the Individual Coder (Jim Benson)

I was a bit late to this session but still managed to get a few things from this one. Kanban seems to have a momentum and this room was totally full. No wonder why, Jim Benson held a great presentation. Jim also said: Kanban is easy to learn, hard to master. Better get started..!

Architecture in an Agile World (Aslam Khan)

I waited almost 24 hour to hear Aslam Khan and was super excited about this. Before and after the session, I was fortunate to speak some to this really humble man. If you have the chance, make sure to attend a presentation by Aslam!

Aslam spoke about the importance of having the knowledge of the problem and being able to build an architectural solution that matched this problem knowledge. He also spoke about how not to loose momentum and said sometimes you have to leave the path a bit, it's not a bad thing.

Aslam was great and I hope to hear more from him soon.

Abusing C# (Jon Skeet)

Jon Skeet is many developers favourite Stack Overflow C# guru, and here he showed us a couple of cool C# examples. More fun rather than anything else, but still. This guy has an amazing knowledge and it's impressive how easy he rolls around with everything in C#.

Kanban and Scrum - Making the Most of Both (Henrik Kniberg)

Henrik Kniberg is awesome. He gets the listeners literally involved with great real world examples. Some take away points from his presentation:

  • Know your goals
  • Never blame the tools
  • Don't limit yourself to one tool
  • Experiment and enjoy the ride

Here's the slides from his Kanban and Scrum presentation.

The rest of the day

One of the main things for me is getting to know a lot of the people here. After the last session we all mingled, had dinner and talked about the sessions we attended. And oh, Kinect is awesome ;-)

While Cecilia + friends rounded off the evening with some .NET competition coding, we went playing some Pool, before heading back to the hotel. Another great day at Øredev completed!

Øredev - First Day

The Øredev 2010 conference is at full speed with great, great stuff going on. Me and my Nansen mates arrived at Wednesday lunchtime and were fortunate enough to have a couple of blasts attending a number of presentations the rest of the day. Here's a brief summary of the first day at Øredev.

Patterns for Building Internal DSL's in C# 3.0 (Jeremy D. Miller)

First out during my stay at Øredev! Here, Jeremy D. Miller spoke about fluent interfaces and showed how to come up with more telling code. Sweet start, although a bit too advanced for me.

Better Practices for Building Fast Web Apps (Giorgio Sardo)

I've attended an IE 9 presentation by Giorgio before at Geek Meet, and knew this guy was good.

During this presentation, Giorgio highlighted the importance of minifying CSS+js, lowering the number of HTTP requests, lazy JavaScript loading with Doloto, plus more. Overall a very good presentation when you need to get started building faster websites.

Agile Release Planning (James Shore)

James Shore is the author of The art of Agile Development (next book to read for me) and this presentation was great.

James spoke about the importance of having the ability to adjust to the situation and surroundings, use of incremental design to improve results and to design for one feature at a time.

I enjoyed this presentation very much and really recommend you to check out James' website and if you have the chance to watch him live - you won't be disappointed. 

CSS3 (Jonathan Snook)

Jonathan is the CSS guru and this was the first time I had the chance to listen to him live. It was interesting! Jonathan showed a lot of the new stuff in CSS3 and also recommended us to use Modernizr in our CSS development.

More thoughts

Following the #Øredev Twitter search is great, there's a lot of activity and you get to know what speakers are extraordinary. This day, I learned about Aslam Khan, whoose presentation was stunning and touching. Need I say I made sure to watch him later on?

Other than that, it's always great meeting great people. You all know who you are!

Øredev 2010 schedule

This week is no ordinary week - it's Øredev Developer Conference 2010 week! Me and fellow Nansen peeps are heading to Malmö and will be there Wednesday-Friday.

I'm quite excited, since I know the speakers are high quality and will blow the audience away ;-) (ping Robert Nyman, Jon Skeet et al)

I'll mostly be focusing at .NET, agile and a bit on web development using HTML5/CSS3. 

Here are the seminars I plan to attend:


  • 13:10 Patterns for Building Internal DSL's in C# 3.0 (Jeremy D. Miller)
  • 14:15 Better Practices for Building Fast Web Apps (Giorgio Sardo)
  • 15:35 Agile Release Planning (James Shore)
  • 16:40 CSS3 (Jonathan Snook)

PS. If I can make it, Robert Nyman's HTML 5 APIs session 11:20 will be worth it! DS.


  • 10:15 Higher-Order JavaScript (Giles Bowkett)
  • 11:20 Run!
  • 13:10 CouchDB for .NET Developers (Hadi Hariri)
  • 14:15 ASP.NET MVC 3 (Brad Wilson)
  • 15:35 Abusing C# (Jon Skeet)
  • 16:40 Kanban and Scrum - making the most of both (Henrik Kniberg)


  • 10:15 My last 30 failures (Ted Valentin)
  • 11:20 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know (Kevlin Henney)
  • 13:10 19 1/2 Things to Make You a Better Object Oriented Programmer (Greg Young)
  • 14:15 Top 20 tools and tips that make me a better developer (Roy Osherove)

Jon Skeet's C#'s Greatest Mistakes session is also a great option at 11:20.

My colleague Andreas (aka Codingbug) has blogged his Øredev agenda too.

Hope to see you all there!

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