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Guest Blogging at Sara Öhman's Crib

Who's awesome?

I was invited by Sara Öhman's to write a guest blog post in her Advent blogging series, and today you can see the result. Basically it's me going on with entrepreneurship, believing in what you do and having fun while you're at it.

The blog post is in Swedish though. Here's a Google Translate link:

Martin Söderlund Advent blogging

Here's the original

I'd like to thank Sara for the opportunity and while I'm at it - she's destined for great things.

It's official - I'm going to Nansen!

Nansen! It's now official, I have a new job and it's a great one - I'm going to Nansen!

I've had a great four years with my current employee, Hallvarsson & Halvarsson, but the time has come to move on.

I'll be working with system development and interface development at Nansen. A lot of .NET and EPiServer focus, exactly the way I like!

My first days at Nansen will be in September. Can't wait!

Going english

I hereby want to present this new tech blog for you!

It was time to move on from my swedish blog, and instead focus on blogging in english and using Twitter.

I will post on topics regarding web development, technologies, entrepreneurship, consultant life and what else I find useful and interesting. I will focus on Microsoft technologies such as ASP.NET. I will share my thoughts on web standards and how to use them. I will tell you how you can increase your productivity, and more.


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